A 2.5D sandbox raycaster in Canvas

Javascript Canvas
Particle System Library

A simple, open-source, 2D, customizable particle system useful for minimalist explosions, smoke effects, fireworks, and more

Javascript Canvas
Shooty Game (WIP)

A top-down, movement, arena shooter in browser

Javascript Canvas MY Particle System Library howler.js


The World Generation Saga

My various attempts at world generation ranging from terrifying to pretty neat

Javascript Canvas
Maze Generator

A maze generation algorithm

Javascript Canvas

Literally just Minesweeper

Javascript Canvas

Literally just checkers

Javascript Canvas
Conway's Game of Life

A zero-player cellular automaton made by mathematician John Conway

Javascript Canvas
Collision Demo

A quick little collision demo that also has some sweet smooth camera movement

Javascript Canvas
1D Terrain Generation

A 1-dimensional terrain generator using midpoint displacement

Javascript Canvas
Data Set Grapher

A tool used to graph data sets and calculate measures of central tendency

Javascript Canvas


Adrian Academy

PalyHacks 2020

A set of lessons and exercises to teach Javascript to those new to programming

Javascript CSS HTML

AtlasHacks 2020

A web app that compiles posts from different social media platforms of one content creator into one digestable feed

Javascript CSS HTML Node.js Twitter API Youtube API

FlareHacks 2020

A website that allows users to submit coding problems for others to provide solutions to in browser

Javascript CSS HTML Node.js CodeMirror Marked SQLite


Hi! My name is Jayant and I like programming as well as art and design.

I mostly do web development and dabble in computer graphics, games, and simulations.

If you want to contact me you can email me at I am more than willing to talk (or argue) about geography, history, and putrid UI design or talk about wacky hypotheticals, so if you're into that, be my guest.

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