A 2.5D sandbox raycaster in Canvas

Javascript Canvas
Particle System Library

A simple, open-source, 2D, customizable particle system useful for minimalist explosions, smoke effects, fireworks, and more

Javascript Canvas
Shooty Game (WIP)

A top-down, movement, arena shooter in browser

Javascript Canvas MY Particle System Library howler.js


World Generator 1

A dubious attempt at a top-down world generation algorithm

Javascript Canvas
Maze Generator

A maze generation algorithm

Javascript Canvas

Literally just Minesweeper

Javascript Canvas
1D Terrain Generation

A 1-dimensional terrain generator using midpoint displacement

Javascript Canvas

Literally just checkers

Javascript Canvas
World Generator 2

A less dubious attempt at a top-down world generation algorithm with perlin noise

Javascript Canvas noisejs
Conway's Game of Life

A zero-player cellular automaton made by mathematician John Conway

Javascript Canvas
Collision Demo

A quick little collision demo that also has some sweet smooth camera movement

Javascript Canvas
World Generator 3

The least dubious attempt of them all - A 2-dimensional, top-down terrain generator using midpoint displacement. Also has a 3D representation with three.js

Javascript Canvas three.js
Data Set Grapher

A tool used to graph data sets and calculate measures of central tendency

Javascript Canvas


Adrian Academy

PalyHacks 2020

A set of lessons and exercises to teach Javascript to those new to programming

Javascript CSS HTML

AtlasHacks 2020

A web app that compiles posts from different social media platforms of one content creator into one digestable feed

Javascript CSS HTML Node.js Twitter API Youtube API

FlareHacks 2020

A website that allows users to submit coding problems for others to provide solutions to in browser

Javascript CSS HTML Node.js CodeMirror Marked SQLite


Hi! My name is Jayant and I like programming as well as art and design.

I mostly do web development and dabble in computer graphics, games, and simulations.

If you want to contact me you can email me at I am more than willing to talk (or argue) about geography, history, and putrid UI design or talk about wacky hypotheticals, so if you're into that, be my guest.

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